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Coach Pete Carroll names Seahawk destined for ‘The Bachelor’

Super Bowl champion Coach Pete Carroll is a big fan of The Bachelor television shows. (AP)

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll stopped by the This IS Reality podcast hosted by former Seattle “Bachelor” Jason Mesnick this week to talk about one of his favorite shows, which happens to be “The Bachelor.”

Coach Carroll says he doesn’t watch much TV, but he and wife Glena have been watching the ABC Show for several seasons and they’ve even been known to Skype with one another during the Monday night airings if the team has taken him to another city.

NFL players have appeared on seasons of “The Bachelor” in the past, with NFL Giants’ Jesse Palmer featured as the Bachelor in season five. That prompted Mesnick and former Bachelorette winner Chris Siegfried to ask the coach which Seahawks player would make a good Bachelor.

Mesnick was shocked when Carroll revealed who he thought could be the next Bachelor:

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