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What do you know: Minimum wage isn’t that great after all

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He’s not one to say ‘I told you so,’ but John Curley admits he was levitating in bed last night after reading the latest minimum wage studies.

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But seriously. Curley now wants to know what the fallout is in Seattle. Is the city less likely to take the next step and move minimum wage to $15 an hour after we learned it may have cost us 5,000 jobs?

Co-host (while Tom is away on holiday) Mike Lewis says likely not, but he is interested to see how it plays out when Seattle comes down off of its big boom. He believes some of the city’s recently adopted policies, including minimum wage, may be somewhat masked by the sheer growth the city is experiencing. He would like to see scenarios where the money stops flowing in and the rate of construction slows.

Listen to John Curley discuss simple economics and make promises to fix bridges here.

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