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Ciscoe Morris
It's time to sow tomato seeds indoors under grow lights if you want big, red tomatoes this summer. (AP Photo)

Ciscoe's Tips of the Week: Sow your seeds

Ciscoe's Tips of the Week:

- Sow tomato seeds indoors under grow lights in seed starting soil. Keep the flats in a cool room, but use heating mats to keep soil between 70 and 90 degrees.

- Sow lettuce directly into the garden. Work one cup of organic vegetable food and a 1/2 cup of bone meal into the soil for every 10 feet of row.

- Weeds are coming up like wild banshees. Try to get them out before they go to seed and drive you crazy.

Ciscoe's Tips of the month for March:

- Prune roses and work in a mix of alfalfa meal and natural all-purpose fertilizer.

- Apply alfalfa meal and organic fertilizer to get perennials off to a galloping start.

- Rent a dethatching machine to remove moss from lawn before applying a moss control.

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