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Man dragging dead raccoon shot after argument

A man walking along Mason County Sunday morning was shot after an argument with passersby. They thought he was dragging a dead dog behind him.

The Olympian reports it was actually a dead raccoon.

“The raccoon was clearly roadkill,” Lt. Travis Adams told The Olympian.  The man told law enforcement he was going to use the carcass as crab bait. He was dragging it because, well, who wants to pick up a dead raccoon?

An argument ensued between the man and the driver of a black pickup truck.  The man was shot twice in the leg and then run over.  Police are looking for the shooting suspect, who is believed to be driving a black Ford F-150 pickup.

Police are interviewing other passersby who captured video and had interactions with the man, who is recovering at a hospital and seems to be OK, Adams said.



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