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Todd Herman


Let us have an opt out option with the health care bill

We need to avoid this utter catastrophe for America.

People like Warren Buffett are saying we need to head toward a single payer health care system. He says that we can afford it!

Medicare has multiplied and the costs are now astronomical. The cost per patient continues to go up as well. Why? The costs are going to be around $500 billion according to the GOP Health Care budget.

Our nation can’t survive single payer because everything will get pushed into it and it will grow at geometric rates. We are in a state of cold civil war in the country because the progressives won’t give up on government coddling and doing everything for us.

We need to contact the White House and demand that they give everyone in the country the option of a Health Care Plan “opt out.” Let people “opt out” at a governmental level.

If this Senate bill passes we will be eventually be a single payer nation, without a doubt.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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