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Michael Medved


Medved: ‘Despicable Me 3’ is reliably zany and entertaining

I didn’t expect the Despicable Me franchise to become the hit it has become. I saw the first film in 2010 and loved it, so I wasn’t surprised it was successful, but this successful is ridiculous. The latest addition is just as reliably zany and brilliant and hugely entertaining.

I give 3 out of 4 stars to “Despicable Me 3.” It is PG-13, but for many of the kids most of the humor and references will be way over their heads, and they will still like it.

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The new film introduces a new character – Gru’s long-lost twin brother who we never knew he had. This brother’s name is Dru.

Dru looks exactly like Gru, except for the fact he has — dare I say it — Trump-like hair and has other Trumpish elements. He lives in a mansion with his monogram on it, with portraits of himself, and has tons of cars. For people who are obsessed with politics and the news, the likeness is unmistakable. It turns out that Dru is not exactly what he seems.

In any case, the film is delightful. In the middle of this movie there is a grand performance with the minions performing “I am the very model of a modern major general,” from “The Pirates of Penzance.” They translate some of the original lyrics into Minion language. It’s a great performance, and that is aside from all the other wonderful new songs in this movie.

It would be hard for me to imagine someone going to this film and being bored or not enjoying it. There’s so much going on here with some gorgeous animation. That’s one of the secrets of these films; they are so fast moving with a gag or dazzling sight at every moment I think a lot of people will see this more than once because there is so much going on.

“Despicable Me 2” made $971 million at the box office worldwide, the first film made almost $543 million worldwide. This film should also do big business because it is flat out fun to watch.

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