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We could have had cell phones in 1945

Cell phones in the Henry Ford Museum. (Mark Cameron, Flickr)

Free market versus government market; here is an example of the government market in play.

Do you know when the first cell phones could have been produced commercially? In 1945! 

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How would that have changed commerce and learning in this country? How far advanced would we be right now? It was proposed by the FCC in 1945, but the government blocked it. 

Cell phones existed but they were huge; they would take up the entire trunk of a sedan. AT&T wanted to deploy cellular in 1947, but the FCC rejected the idea. And they gave the bandwidth to television.

From 1945 to 1982, cell phones could have existed, but they granted the spectrum to TV and then sat on it. They blocked every move to launch cell phones until 1982.

This applies to the health care fiasco. You are seeing a perversion in Washington D.C.; the insurance companies know if they just wait long enough they are going to get the sweetest deal in the world. And whatever losses they incur, they will dump on you.

The left is saying that you either vote Democrat or you won’t get your medical treatment or medicine.

This is the spirit of tyranny and royalty beginning to reemerge.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.


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