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An Evening With Pete Yorn – The Crocodile in Seattle WA

Photo Credit ( Richert)

the mixtape and Visible Voice have partnered up in order to spread even more music to the people. This story was originally posted on Visible Voice.

It’s remarkable how a song can be powerful enough to put you through a complete time warp. Pete Yorn’s catalog was the soundtrack to a significant chunk of time in my life (for good and for bad). His songs evoke emotions that directly associate themselves with memories that I cherish or try to forget. Regardless, with Pete Yorn’s music there is no denying that they are all “jams” that will always create new memories and feelings as you hear them.

Wednesday’s show at the Crocodile was a Pete Yorn “super fan” night. No set list, no backing band, just a singer/songwriter taking requests from a room of people who knew every word to every song.

As of late, Pete Yorn has been on a bit of a hiatus from his solo career. He was admittedly a little rusty although it was hard to tell. The mini tour he is on, “An Evening with Pete Yorn” allows him to get down to his fighting weight and prepare himself for a full tour, hopefully in the near future…to promote a new album? Either way, Wednesday night in Seattle fulfilled that desire to go back to see an artist while they were playing “shows” vs. “concerts.”

Adam Richert

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