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Everett Music Initiative Presents: Fisherman’s Village Music Festival

The Everett Music Initiative started in early 2012 under the premise that Everett wasn’t getting its fair share of stops from touring bands inside and outside the area. The initiative helps tap into the talented, local pool of musicians in outlying areas, particularly Seattle, and bring them to Downtown Everett creating access for the communities of greater Snohomish County. With an explosive response from music lovers and show goers combined, Everett Music Initiative looks to expand its scope of work in 2014 including the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival and opening its new venue.

There are a bunch of great bands playing this fest that you need to know about like: Moondoggies, Hobosexual, Gardens & Villa, Joseph, LA LUZ, KAIROS, Rose Windows, Bellamaine, The Grizzled Mighty, Fauna Shade, The Maldives, Fresh Espresso, Lemolo and so many others.

I had a chat with The Everett Music Initiative’s Steven Graham and Ryan Crowther about why they think The Everett Music Initiative has been so successful and what the future holds for the duo.

Buy tickets to Fisherman’s Village Music Festival here.

Fisherman’s Village Music Festival – Artist Announcement Video from Casey Sjogren on Vimeo.

the mixtape: The Everett Music Initiative has accomplished so much in regard to bringing music to the city and reviving the music scene. Why do you think The Everett Music Initiative has been so successful?

Everett Music Initiative: There are so many great artists in this region who frequently play nearby cities like Seattle or Bellingham but never looked at Everett as a potential stop when touring. People like us would travel to see them but always wished they would come play in Everett. After inviting some of these bands to come play here we quickly found there are a lot of people in this community who are passionate about good live music and they have supported this mission since day one.

tm: Why is the festival called Fisherman’s Village Music Festival?

EMI: It was a concept, a picture to have in your mind when you thought of Everett. A lot of these people will be coming from Vancouver, BC down to Portland and have never been to Everett and never had a reason to go to Everett. To think of the fisherman’s village, it’s a little more intriguing than what people probably hear about Everett.

tm: When did the idea of a hosting a two day music festival get brought into the fold and were there any initial concerns about organizing such a massive event?

EMI: This is something we have wanted to do since day one. To bring a music festival of this magnitude come to our city has always been the dream. Anytime you take on something like this I think there is going to be some concern. Any concerns we might have had have been erased by the way this community has rallied around the Everett Music Initiative the last two years.

tm: What do you see The Everett Music Initiative’s future looking like?

EMI: To keep bringing more great music to Everett and to watch the Everett Music Initiative and Fisherman’s Village Music Festival grow. Also to keep giving great Everett bands a chance to be seen and heard so they can break into the bigger markets in the region.

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