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Band in Seattle: Blackheart Honeymoon and Le Sang Song

Every Saturday night at 11p on CW11 the brand new television show Band in Seattle showcases up and coming local bands that you want to know about. There are a bunch of episodes in the can and previously aired shows are available on-line. Check some episodes here.

Here’s what Band In Seattle’s executive producer Conrad Denke had to say about this week’s episode featuring Blackheart Honeymoon and Le Sang Song.

“I interviewed several of the band members of Blackheart Honeymoon at their practice room. It had to be the smallest one I’ve ever been in, but apparently served the purpose. It would explain the closeness that this band has achieved. All from very diverse backgrounds, they merged their musical talents into a unique sound that carries nicely. Having been a bluegrass banjo player at one time, I especially appreciated the “slap bass” stylings of Wes Amundsen. He has a great grasp of that wonderful sound of low bass tones mixed with the booming slap as he hits the fret board. Adrienne is definitely the rose among the thorns in this group and her addition gives them something wonderful. One of the fascinating things I learned about them is that several of their sounds and their band name came from refrigerator magnet letters that apparently with a little help seem to form themselves into interesting combinations.”

“Le Sang Song is something different. They remind me of several things. The first was Bob Dylan as I saw Craig’s hair style the first time. That was further reinforced when I listened to the words of his songs which brought back memories of protest tunes of the 60’s and 70’s. I was also reminded of a Native American Band from the 70’s named XIT because percussionist/vocalist Adria Garcia and Bass player Min Yee both have significant Native American heritage which clearly finds its way into their music. The combination of all these forces brings about a unique experience for the audience as they listen to the interesting lyrics and primal rhythms. Adria and Craig are married and run a clothing store. We visited them there and got to see their close relationship as they both do well at supporting each other’s vision and dreams. Min works for the Seattle Public Schools and finds a nice balance with his work and music. They have a significant following for their unique and powerful performances.”

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