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Band in Seattle: Star Anna

Every Saturday night at 11p on CW11 the brand new television show Band in Seattle showcases up and coming local bands that you want to know about. There are a bunch of episodes in the can and previously aired shows are available on-line. Check some episodes here.

Here’s what Band In Seattle’s executive producer Conrad Denke had to say about this week’s episode featuring Star Anna.

“Star Anna’s stories and music are fascinating. As a dog lover, she works full time for the Downtown Dog Lounge taking care of countless dogs and puppies with unbounded affection. It’s a great contrast to her music.”

“I remember the day she came to the studio to record. There was something about her that took me back to the late 60’s when Janis Joplin was headlining. Although much different from Joplin, there are some similarities. Joplin sang from a place where pain dominated and so does Star. The biggest difference was the absence of anger and shouting with Star. Her music brings out a tactile sadness that reaches deep into your heart and soul. But it’s not about her anger or desire for revenge, but instead a profound understanding with which we can all identify. I remember after the show, going up to her, putting my hands on her shoulders and asking, “Are you alright?” Of course she was alright. She’s a professional and a great artist who simply knows how to bring out something very deep inside her and share it lovingly with the audience. Star is currently performing at SXSW and I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s a “star” in another way. Some of you will be able to say you heard her first on “Band in Seattle.””

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