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NYE 2014: Bands to See

New Years Eve is fast approaching and if you’re looking for something fun to do around town, well you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got a short list of shows happening around the city that you should think about checking out.

The Jilly Rizzo and Tit Nun @ The Benbow Room 9:30pm.

I had the chance to chat with Dick Rossetti, the lead singer and guitarist for The Jilly Rizzo, about random things you might want to know about.

the mixtape: First off, what or who is a Jilly Rizzo?

The Jilly Rizzo: The Jilly Rizzo is a singing group consisting of 4 gentleman and 1 great, great broad, trying not to get penalized for rocking too hard.

tm: So, is it just a coincidence that you’ve named your band after Ermenigildo “Jilly” Rizzo, an American restaurateur and entertainer who died in 1992 when his car was hit by a drunk driver?

TJR: No, she’s a girl I dated many years back, strange coincidence, huh? Great sounding name for a band, but no relation to Sinatra’s buddy.

tm: Can you please explain this text message that is posted on your Facebook page? “Sorry, Dick, the ‘garments’ joke at the Skylark was strike three. Besides being tone deaf, unwilling to do anything about it, you’ve got some serious screws loose. I want no part of it. I’ll pick up my amp this week, keep the organ. Goodbye.”

TJR: Awesome shit, huh? 🙂 That email was composed by our short term keyboard player called Moose, odd dude, somewhat paranoid and definitely out of touch with the state of rock music in the last 45 years. We were an embarrassment to him and his open mic cronies on the kitsap peninsula one surmises.

tm: Tell me about a crazy nutso moment at one of your shows.

TJR: Underpants

tm: How many bands have you been in over the years and can you name them all?

TJR: 2 and “no”

tm: Are black babies cuter than white babies?

TJR: Does the pope wear a funny hat? No question, any day of the week and twice on Sunday

tm: What can people expect from your New Year’s Eve show?

TJR: Shenanigans, good musical selections, frivolity.

High Dive Presents: New Years Eve!!!
Ever So Android, The West, Dead Ship Sailing,
Charge: $10, Time: 9pm

Check out this interview I did with The West where we chat music, writing and recording techniques and cassette tapes plus Name That Band: New Wave Edition and music from The West: “It Was Disco and It’s Over”, “Out of Sync” and “Clock is Ticking”

The Crocodile, ReignCity & We Are LTD Present
Kingdom Crumbs, DJ 100Proof, AC Lewis & Ben Meadow, 9:00 pm, $15 Adv.

The Sunset: Star Anna featuring Shane Tutmarc/Special Guest, $12.00, 9:30p

Artist Home Annual New Year’s Eve Celebration @ Conor Byrne: 9:00pm, $15

From the website:

On New Year’s Eve, an All-Star band featuring members of Big Sur, Invisible Shivers, Youth Rescue Mission and Friday Mile will take the stage at Conor Byrne Pub to perform celebratory songs perfect for the holiday. Throughout the night guest musicians will rotate on and off the stage, performing songs to make you dance and blow the doors off the place.

Guest musicians this year include members of:

Big Sur, Ravenna Woods, Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Smokey Brights, The Torn ACLs, Friday Mile, The Dee Dees, Invisible Shivers, Youth Rescue Mission, Curtains for You, Indian Valley Line, The Passenger String Quartet, Brite Lines, Temple Echoes, Gabriel Mintz, The Apple War, Tea Cozies and many more to come.

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