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Local Music For Your Weekend

If you’re looking to get out this weekend in order to get your weekly dose of kick ass local music but you’re not too sure which bands are worth your cold hard cash, you’ve come to the right place. Just take my hand and I’ll lead you in the right direction. Oh! Your hands are a bit sweaty. Don’t be nervous. I’ve done this many times before.

Hounds of the Wild Hunt are four dudes who make really great hard rocking music that will have you fist pumping the air (do people still do that?) and, quite possibly, shaking those sexy little hips of yours.

They play The Sunset Tavern this Friday the 20th with Lures and Armed with Legs.

Gold Wolf Galaxy is an electronic music duo from another planet. Planet Awesome. This city has its fair share of electronic artists and Gold Wolf Galaxy, I believe, have definitely secured a place in the scene. A dark, crunchy, dance-tastic place in the scene.

They play The Comet this Friday the 20th with Sex With Strangers & Yevtushenko.

Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount is a trio making some of the coolest music in the city. If you are not absolutely enchanted by Julia’s vocal prowess, lyrical content and the sweetly cosmic vibe that runs pretty much throughout the bands latest release, Five Letters From Far Away, then there is something wrong in your life that you need to repair.

They play The High Dive this Friday the 20th with Pocket Panda and The Summer Januaries. The show is a celebration of a brand new single, “The Story of the Earth, So Far”.

Stay Tuned is a band after my own heart. I love old TV shows and I especially love the themes to said old TV shows. These guys play freaking rock interpretations of classic TV theme songs! However, for this show the band will be playing themes to classic movies. Still pretty awesome if you ask me.

They play The White Rabbit this Friday the 20th with Regional Faction, the Jilly Rizzo & Skullbot.

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