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New Music: The Maldives – ’10 Years’

'10 Years' album artwork - Jason Sievers

Lotsa cool news regarding Seattle’s own, The Maldives.

First off, Spark & Shine Records has released a brand new split 7″ single featuring The Maldives and label mate Ken Stringfellow! The Maldives’ song on the split is called ’10 Years’ and it’s a song shrouded in melancholy. Sweet, sweet, melancholy. When Jason Dodson sings, ‘…let’s just make a child, so we’ll never die, never die…’, it just breaks my heart. It makes me think about the fact that if I don’t figure out why I’m totally mental, learn what love is and then apply that to my life and make a baby, the name De Tore, will die. Wow. That’s depressing.

From the Press Release:

Stringfellow’s track ‘No Tears in July’ was recorded in his studio in Paris and is centered around the esoteric and rare instrument, the Guitaret. He also recorded and produced the introspective track from the Maldives ‘Ten Years’ at Electrokitty Studios in Seattle. This song was started by singer/songwriter Jason Dodson a number of years ago but not completed until just before it was recorded.

Purchase the split 7″ single in stores now or at Spark & Shine Records

The other really cool news involving The Maldives is that they are on tour!

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