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New Music: Daniel Blue

Daniel Blue making music makes me happy.

I’ve been a huge fan of local band Motopony ever since I found out about them several years ago. I’ve attended many of their shows over the years and have even been fortunate enough to interview the band a few times.

Suffice it to say, their self titled debut record is an amazing piece of work.

Now, we have a solo work from the master vocalist of Motopony, Daniel Blue.

The song is called ‘Flower Children’ and it’s one that wouldn’t be out of place floating around the airwaves in the 1960’s. The song has Daniel Blue doing what he does best; singing words in such a way that will make you feel emotions that you never knew you had. Just listen already, will ya?

Also, there’s a release show which will double as the grand opening of Sanctuary.

with friends: Meagan Grandall, Torry Anderson

Aug 3rd: Courtney Marie Andrews, Jason Scott Dodson
with friends: Lambert Mary and Micah Simler

Ticket info here.

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