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Eddie Spaghetti plays Chop Suey

Eddie Spaghetti plays the Chop Suey this Saturday, July 13th, in support of his latest solo record, "The Value of Nothing." (Eddie Spaghetti image)

Supersuckers are the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World’. The group was formed in November, 1988 in good ‘ol Tuscan, Arizona, and shortly thereafter decided to move to Seattle. I don’t know exactly why the group chose Seattle as their destination place so I’ll make something up. Supersuckers moved to Seattle because badasses can move wherever they want, whenever they want, without apology. The band eventually signed to Sub Pop Records and their first album with the label, The Smoke of Hell, was released in 1992.

Eddie Spaghetti is the bassist and lead singer for the group and not only has he seen success within Supersuckers over the years but he has several impressive solo records under his belt. All of which feature his wife on the cover.

Eddie plays the Chop Suey this Saturday, July 13th, in support of his latest solo record, The Value of Nothing and he dropped by recently to chat with me about music, his wife and playing The Tonight Show with Willie Nelson.

the mixtape: How are you doing today? What are you up to?

Eddie Spaghetti: I am currently putting the finishing touches on the new Supersuckers masterpiece. I’m down in Austin, Texas, right now and we are about one day away from putting this sucker to bed.

tm: You have a solo record that just came out. The cover is super sexy, dude. Where did that cover come from?

ES: That was all the brain child of my better half, the cover model for the record. All my solo records have featured her on the cover and, uh, she always comes up with the concept for them and they always look awesome.

tm: Well, if I can say, she’s a very attractive woman, Eddie.

ES: (laughs) She is, I’m a very lucky man.

tm: What is it about music, Eddie, that you love? Why do you like making music?

ES: Nothing can transport you somewhere like a good song and to get older and have that happen so much more rarely, you’re kind of forced to do it yourself. I gotta create the music that I want to hear, that’s what I gotta do. Somebody’s gotta do it.

tm: You’ve backed Willie Nelson and you’ve worked with a lot of cool people. Who would you say is your favorite band that you’ve toured with or worked with?

ES: The experience we had with Willie, uh, backing him on The Tonight Show was easily one of the top two or three moments of my entire career.

tm: Tell me about a really awesome moment besides the Willie Nelson thing that wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t making music.

ES: Well, I met my wife because of being in the band and being able to travel to where she lived and have her come and see the shows and start talking and hit it off and now 13 years later we have a great family. So, I kind of owe my whole family to this.

Eddie Spaghetti // Jason Dodson (Maldives) // Dead Man,
July 13, 2013 9:00 pm, Cost: $10 // $12 DOS


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