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Noise for the Needy: Goodbye Heart

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Goodbye Heart is Ballard duo Sam and Nila – formally known as Cady Wire – who make atmospheric, hazy synth driven music that will stop you in your tracks, heart strings aching, leaving you unsure as to whether a good cry is appropriate or a slow, sexy, sway of your hips.

‘Seconal’ and ‘1st Street’, the two songs that make up Goodbye Heart’s self-titled EP, are hits. The songs should be played on every radio station in Seattle and beyond in heavy rotation until the CD wears out. On ‘Seconal’, Sam and Nila’s vocals embrace gently over a dark, dreamy, swirl of synth that will echo inside of your head for days. This thing is that good, my friends.

The duo played Conor Byrne as part of Noise for the Needy 2013 and Sam and Nila’s tender vocals and darkened tones made for a nice way to open the festival. While Sam plays the guitar and sings, Nila, who also sings, handles the sythnesizer duties. The duo have quite a bit more material in their arsenal than just the two songs on the EP and much like the EP, the songs played in concert reach out, creep in and make you feel nostaligic for something that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Say hello to Goodbye Heart.

Goodbye Heart play The Comet Sunday, July 14th, along with Muscle and Marrow, Sundries and The Lotus Vellum so go check them out!

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