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Seattle Police brutality set to music

Over the past year we’ve seen several videos that show Seattle Police officers using a questionable amount of force to restrain suspects. The issue has divided the community enough that the U.S. Department of Justice is reviewing SPD practices.

Add to the mix, a new video by a Seattle hip-hop artist who says he was motivated to write a song after former Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk shot and killed woodcarver John T. Williams. A review board found that shooting to be unjustified.

Chander Clough, who performs under the name K.R.U.E., says he had his own “run in with SPD.” While I wait for a police report on this case, here’s what he says happened:

I performed at a private birthday celebration at Genesee Hall in the southern Seattle area. The police said there was a loud group of people out front so they came in to clear out the venue. I waited like the other performers off to the side to speak with the promoter for payment. I was speaking with another performer when 3 officers grabbed me from behind with no warning and began to drag me out of the venue. On the way out an officer had me by my neck and arm at which point he slammed my head into the metal door frame splitting my head and causing my head to bleed. Once they got me out front they threw me up against a cop car, another officer put a mace can in my mouth despite the fact I had my hands up in a surrendering position. I was then punched in the stomach about 3 times, then they attempted to throw me on the ground. I retreated behind an RV and waited for other officers to arrive. When the other officers arrived I asked to speak with the Sergeant. After asking that question I was arrested and thrown in jail for obstruction. After I was bailed out I contacted multiple news stations, reporters, etc. No one responded. I looked further into Seattle Police Department and found myself becoming more upset with what they were doing. So while fighting my obstruction charges I handled this situation like any situation that upsets me, I made a song. My thoughts were I have the opportunity to speak in a way that can be heard so I did. I recorded the video with my girlfriend and edited the footage myself.

The reaction I’m looking for from the people is to not fear the police but realize they have a job title that includes serving the people. People need to stand up to corruption of every from, even if that form of corruption carries guns and is there to enforce the law. People also need to realize police need to be enforcing the law, not making it up as they choose. I’m hoping people realize that if we don’t stand up in unity these actions will continue because the police will believe they can get away with it. To put it simply, police need to show people more respect and in return they will receive that same treatment. Respect brings respect and violence only brings more violence.


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