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Sasquatch! Music Fest 2013 – Interviews

Photo courtesy of Sean De Tore/

Sasquatch! Music Fest 2013 has come and gone, once again leaving everyone’s faces completely melted off, in a good way, of course. Primus in 3-D was an absolute stand out. I’ve been listening to Primus since the Pork Soda album and even though I’ve not purchased a Primus record in years, I’ve been wanting to see them perform live So this past weekend I got my chance and they were in 3-D, no less. What that means exactly is that the audience grabbed a pair of 3-D glasses from a giant trash bag which was placed near the sound booth and waited in anticipation for the group to start. Once Primus did start, the massive projection screen behind the group lit up and I’ll just say that if anybody in that crowd was on any sort of mind altering drug, I’m fairly positive that their brain exploded upon witnessing the really effective and really cool 3-D effects.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were another standout for me. I don’t have their debut record, The Heist, so I’m not super familiar with their tunes but I’ve got to say that these two dudes are truly talented singers, writers, beat makers and showmen. From the first note played to that very last verse recited, the crowd in attendance -which was massive by the way- had much love for the duo. Or, shall I say, the crowd all shared the same love for the duo. See what I did there? One thing that really got me was at one point during the concert Macklemore chatted a bit about his past and his struggles with addiction and the fact that he made it through. He said that some people can get high and be super creative but he just wasn’t and isn’t that guy. So, he got clean and, well, his success speaks for itself.

That’s it for now because it’s 12.15am and I’m tired. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more Sasquatch! chat and some pictures for you to pore over. Until then, check out some interviews I conducted with ZZ Ward, P.O.S., Robert Delong and Nissim.

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