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Black Moth Super Rainbow @ Neumos

The roller rink is cracked. Summer is seeping in. The lacquered floor boards are all warped, but the disco ball spins. Ladies and gentlemen, Black Moth Super Rainbow has left the woods, and the man called Tobacco lords over a gang of demon skaters from the DJ booth of some greased up auditorium in a lost corner of Pittsburgh. The band’s fifth LP, Cobra Juicy, declares death to hippies, excising all things flower power and tightening up what sprawl there was into a nastily bright pile of fuzzed guitar, live bass, hot synths and stubby rhythms. There nearly wasn’t a new Black Moth record at all. In hindsight, 2009’s Eating Us seemed too soft, too ’70s. Tobacco felt he’d lost control of his main project’s sound and so focused on “solo” work. But while crafting 2010’s depraved beat beast Maniac Meat, he found himself writing more freely, rediscovering the sickly sour to Black Moth’s sweet. Then he realized, screw it, this thing is his baby anyhow. He cleaned house on the live band — now Seven Fields of Aphelion, Iffernaut, Ryan Graveface and Bullsmear — and got to work, alone, on a brand new BMSR album. Then he threw that one away and made Cobra Juicy.

Black Moth Super Rainbow play Neumos this coming Monday, May 20th and the show will be nothing short of dark, strange and psychedelic. You may find that at certain points throughout the evening you’ll be calling out for your mommy to come and make things better but she won’t be there to save you from the Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Neumos and KEXP Present:
Black Moth Super Rainbow with The Hood Internet + Oscillator Bug, Monday May 20,
$15 ADV // 21+

Buy tickets here.

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