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Must See Show @ High Dive

Hounds of the Wild Hunt, The Great Um and The Jesus Rehab are the three bands playing The High Dive this weekend that will undoubtedly improve your evening, ten fold. Even if you think you’re having The. Best. Night. Ever., spending the night with Hounds of the Wild Hunt, The Great Um and The Jesus Rehab (not spending the night in that way, sicko) will make you realize that you were in fact NOT having The. Best. Night. Ever. but, instead, merely confused by your own thoughts and feelings.

Hounds of the Wild Hunt were previously known as The Whoremoans, a band who were making waves both locally and nationally. A few years ago, the guys decided to switch things up, start a brand new band and release a sharp and raucus record called El Mago.

Listen to my chat with Hounds of the Wild Hunt here.

The Jesus Rehab is a two piece fronted by brothers Dominic and Jared Cortese. The guys have played tons of bars and clubs around Seattle, rocked SXSW and have toured the West Coast multiple times. In April of 2012 The Jesus Rehab proudly released Drunken Hillbilly Fight Bar, their first record as a duo.

The Great Um is Caleb Thompson, Jake Uitti and Robb Benson, all people who have been or are still a part of seminal bands from Seattle. The music is sunny, upbeat indie rock that will have you smiling and dancing all the live long day. What the People Want is the debut LP from the trio.

Listen to my chat with The Great Um from 2012 here. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

High Dive Presents: ROCK!
The Jesus Rehab,
Hounds Of The Wild Hunt,
The Great Um,
Charge: $8,
Time: 9:30

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