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New Music: The Grizzled Mighty – ‘Stuck in My Head’

Ryan Granger and Whitney Petty are The Grizzled Mighty, a Seattle band that pretty much have the gritty, raw, head splitting rock on lock. I found out about these guys several months ago when they were still fairly fresh on the scene and I’m happy to see that they’re still out and about shaking their money makers, actually having some great things happen for them.

Thick Hand Grip is the new EP from the duo which will be released this upcoming February 5th with an EP release party at Neumos, February 1st.

Listen to the new single, ‘Stuck in My Head’.

Oh! If you want to listen to a chat I had with The Grizzled Mighty from last May (because if the mixtape is anything, it’s fresh) where we talk music, fire breathing, slight returns, call Eddie Beveridge, pop some Vitamin D and play a game of Name That Band, then go here.

The mighty duo are also giving away some tickets to their EP release show and you can go here to find out more.

Neumos and KEXP Present
The Grizzled Mighty EP Release
with Kithkin + Rose Windows + River Giant
Friday February 1, 2013
$10 ADV // 21+

Buy tickets here.

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