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Fresh Espresso @ City Arts Fest, Video

I’ve been wanting to see Fresh Espresso for some time and I just hadn’t been able to make that happen until a few weeks ago. Rik Rude and P. Smoov aka Fresh Espresso played Neumos to a small but super pumped up crowd during this past City Arts Fest 2012. The duo were sharply focused on delivering the best musical set possible and did just that. Rik Rude and P. Smoov rapped hard and had the crowd loving every single verse spit from the stage. Not only were songs from debut album Glamour and the most recent LP Bossalona on tap but a cut or two from the group’s freshest offering – an EP released just this past October called Jupiter – were also introduced to the crowd. Rude and Smoov addressed the crowd in between songs and it was clear the hip hop team had major love for all in attendance. This fact was exemplified ten fold when an ecstatic Rik Rude mentioned that even though there were many shows to choose from this night, the audience had decided that Fresh Espresso were to entertain them for the evening. The guys owned the stage the entire night and had everyone in the club, including myself, leaving with what I can only imagine were feelings of euphoria and warmth.


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