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New Boys Noize: Out of the Black

I am thrilled to bring to you brand new Boys Noize. I have been following the career of Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha ever since I stumbled upon this eye catching image on MySpace several years ago while running the audio board for 107.7 the end. I didn’t know who Boys Noize was or what to expect but upon first listen to his raw, ear splitting brand of EDM, I was hooked.

I still don’t know who I should thank for making the last several years of my life on this earth more exciting. Should I thank 107.7 the end for hiring me and having me run late night radio which gave me enough downtime that would allow me surf the internet? Maybe I should thank Boys Noize for having the drive and talent to create interesting album art imagery? Shoot, maybe I should just thank all the cute girls in the world for giving me something to admire from afar and sometimes on a lucky day, from close up. *wink* Whichever the case, I am looking forward to having Out of the Black in my possession and listening to it until my ear drums wish they were never born.

More awesome news: Boys Noize is on tour and he is hitting Seattle this December 11th where I will be in the front row having my face melted from pure electro bliss.

Listen to a sample of Out of the Black below…

Take a listen to one of Boys Noize’s less abrasive tracks, ‘ICH R U’…


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