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New Music: Chet Faker – ‘Terms and Conditions’ + ‘No Diggity’


Chet Faker is Nick Murphy, a 22 year-old Melbourne Australia native who, thanks to the internet, is starting to make some waves within the music world. This adventure started for Chet when he found himself listening to Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ one evening and he just couldn’t escape the magnetism of the track. Instead of just listening to the song on repeat until it was dead to him, Chet decided to do what any super talented dude would do; he covered the sh*t out of the song turning it into a slinky, somewhat subdued salute to the original.

Read about ‘No Diggity’ spreading across the internet from’s chat with Chet Faker below. Read more here.

‘One girl emailed me and was like, “Can I blog your song? Can you send me the song?” [but] she was the only person I gave the “No Diggity” MP3 to. I never gave it to anyone else; it wasn’t available for download anywhere. I was at university in Australia and my younger brother called me up and said, “Hey man your song is number one on the Hype Machine. It’s above Bon Iver’s new song!” So I got home and checked it out and it was actually there. That’s how I figured out [that people were listening to me song]. From that one blog it went around the whole world, it’s crazy.’

Now, Chet has just released Thinking in Textures, it’s his debut EP and it should be listened to with headphones on and a whiskey on the rocks in hand. Whether you’re listening to the beautifully sampled, slow jam-esque ‘Cigarettes and Chocolate’ or the heartbreak of ‘Terms and Conditions’, Thinking in Textures will become your new favorite record before you can say no diggity, no doubt.


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