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Mr Oizo directs new film ‘Wrong Cops’, premieres at Cannes

wrong poster

Mr Oizo is on fire. Within the last couple of years he’s released an LP, an EP, he co-created an electro supergroup with German electro producer Boys Noize called Handbraekes and has released two feature length films Rubber and Wrong, which you should check out immediately. Oizo’s latest project is entitled Wrong Cops (apparently it has nothing to do with Wrong, Mr. Oizo is just lazy with titles) and it is, much like his previous films, absurd. A 13 minute preview of the film is available for your viewing pleasure right here and stars Mark Burnham as a ‘wrong’ cop who sells drugs to kids via dead rats and Marilyn Manson who plays an awkward teenage person who is at one point in the film forced to listen to electro music at the hands of an underwear sporting, beer drinking ‘wrong’ cop. Oh, and the soundtrack to the film is scored by Mr. Oizo himself. What’s not to love?


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