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Black Bananas @ The Comet this Saturday


If you weren’t able to get your Sasquatch! Music Fest tickets before they completely sold out, I have the second best show that you need to mark on your calendars. Black Bananas. That’s right. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, what the who? What the what? What the why? Ok. I’m done. Just watch the video below for Black Bananas’, ‘My House’ and tell me that you don’t want to go to The Comet and get down.

Ever since the release of their acclaimed funky metal debut, Rad Times Xpress IV, Black Bananas continue to ripen and play host to interesting growths and cultures. A petri dish of blasting rock and bubble-gum-brown-note funk, the new groove machine from Royal Trux and RTX’s Jennifer Herrema has so far laid waste to 2012 audiences across America in both headlining and supporting roles. The group – Jennifer Herrema (vocals), Brian McKinley (guitar), Kurt Midness (bass, synth), and Jaimo Welch (drums, samples) — is about to hit the road yet again for the whole month of May! Together, they conjure a new twist on Herrema’s out-of-focus rock sound, slammed home with slinky beats and glistening details. Previously touring with Sleigh Bells and Heavy Cream, they’ll now traverse the country with Kurt Vile and the Violators, plus play a bunch of headlining dates with Dwarr (for their first tour ever!) and Magik Markers.

Black Bananas first album Rad Times Xpress IV runs the gamut from gnarly odes to reality TV in songs like ‘My House’ to future electric metallic GoGo sounds all conceived with scraps of influence from Jennifer’s childhood passions zig-zagged with other currents out there, creating a sound that will take you to a specific place that only Black Bananas know how to find.

The Comet Tavern
Saturday 26 May 2012
Black Bananas
The Broken Nobles
The Crypts


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