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Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo join forces, minds are blown


German born and bred Boys Noize and Parisian born Mr. Oizo, two of the most important electro/house masterminds making music today have recently joined forces, are calling themselves Handbraekes and have created some of the coolest sounds you want to have bouncing around your brain. Boys Noize has been on the scene for several years winning awards, putting out tons of stellar remixes and has 2 full-length albums that upon first listen will probably cause you to have a brain aneurysm. But, trust me. It’s totally worth it. That’s why you have insurance, right? To take care of such matters. Oh, you’re out of a job and you don’t have insurance? Ok. Then maybe don’t listen to any Boys Noize. Let me tell you a bit about Mr. Oizo then. Not only has Mr. Oizo been enjoying his time as a member of the always impressive Ed Banger Records roster which also houses Justice (who are coming to Seattle this April 25th), SebastiAn, Breakbot, Uffie and so many more artists that you should know about but he also has a handful of films under his belt that will make you feel as though you have lost your mind. Some of Mr Oizo’s music and films may be confusing and experimental but they are worth investigating. Again, trust me. You will thank me later.

Annie Mac from BBC Radio One premiered the new track ‘Callgurls’ from Handbraekes and the song will have you frothing at the mouth for the soon to be released EP. Go here to listen to even more cuts from the new EP!

Oh! If you want to listen to a chat I had with Boys Noize from a couple of years ago you should go here.


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