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Electro/Soul music maker Tito Ramsey plays Crocodile this Sunday, chat here

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Formally trained in jazz and improvisation, local dude Tito Ramsey has decided to challenge himself and expand his productions skills by creating rich, soul inspired electro jams. This new direction of sound hasn’t impeded his ability to impress the city of Seattle and beyond, as his talent in writing songs that take hold and make you want to get up and dance is something to admire. Tito’s new EP Hi Lo will be released this coming January but you can listen to the entire thing if you click the above link.

I had the chance to chat with Tito recently about his music making skills, how he didn’t really start wearing clothes until he was 6 years old and I challenge him to a rousing game of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure trivia. Listen to that chat here.

Tito Ramsey plays the Crocodile this coming Sunday, December 18th and you should totally go check him out. If you want a pair of tickets to the show, e-mail me at with Tito Ramsey in the subject line. I’ll take the first person that reaches out as I only have one pair to give away. I’m no baller nor do I claim to be.

01 Hi Time by punksandcriminals

06 Room For Making by punksandcriminals

The Crocodile Presents:
Speaker Speaker
Tito Ramsey

Buy Tickets here.


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