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Sahy Uhns – ‘Montebello Postpartum’


Carl Madison Burgin aka Sahy Uhns (pronounced ‘science’) has recently released his debut LP, An Intolerant Disdain Of Underlings via Proximal and ‘Montebello Postpartum’ is the first song from the record to get some attention. It’s a dreamy, electronic infused hip hop jam that, much like the entire record, after a few listens will be trapped inside your head for days. Here’s how Sahy Uhns describes the video for ‘Montebello Postpartum’…

“The video imagines a future memory of a mother and interprets how that day was perceived through the eyes of her child. It begins in the early morning, a time of peace preceding the chaos of the rest of the mother’s day. Throughout the video, the point of view switches between first-person accounts of the memory from the perspective of the mother and the child and my own reflection on their relationship. The middle section of the video attempts to depict the kind of over-saturation of information and concepts that a child is flooded with and how it must feel to make sense of them. An inundation of images that super-impose and intersect, revealing their similarities and differences, becomes a visualization of the child’s analytical process. The closing segment of the video takes us back to the perspective of the mother, watching her child until his image is the last thing she sees as she fades into sleep.”

Montebello Postpartum from Sahy Uhns on Vimeo.

Listen to the entire record here.


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