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Interview: Mux Mool @ Chop Suey

Mux Mool - Drum EP 2

Mux Mool played the Chop Suey this past weekend and if you missed it, you missed the best dance party ever. Wha? What’s that you just said? Mux something or other? That’s right, Mux Mool. Ok, look. His real human name is Brian Lindgren and he’s an electronic music producer from Minnesota. He’s been making music gems, or maybe I should say jams, since he was a kid when all he had was a cheap-o toy sampling keyboard. Nowadays, he’s a full on producer making fresh beats for the masses and he’s got all the kids dancing until their legs fall off. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your opinion of kids and legs.

Mux Mool has released a string of EP’s and even has a song on Ghostly Swim, a 2008 electronic music compilation album released by independent record label Ghostly International and Adult Swim. He released his debut full length Skulltaste just last year and now he’s touring the country spreading smiles across the land. I was lucky enough to grab a chat with Mux Mool after he rocked the Chop Suey so check that below and this summer make sure to look for his new record Planet Highschool.

Listen to the mixtape chats with Mux Mool

‘Night Court’ from the Ghostly Swim compilation directly below…


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