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Wing Woo
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Sheriff Urquhart on whether Sgt. Wing Woo can return to duty

LISTEN: Ron and Don talk with King County Sheriff John Urquhart and Sgt. Wing Woo

Update on Sgt. Wing Woo:

Sheriff John Urquhart says Sgt. Wing Woo can retain his position with the King County Sheriff’s Office for another six months as he recovers from injuries.

Woo says he’s committed to recovering enough to continue working with the sheriff’s office, but he’s not quite up to speed just yet. He’s in a wheelchair, but continues rehabilitation. Doctors have said his recovery has been dramatic, Urquhart said.

Sheriff Urquhart said that he is extending his position with King County for another six months. They will discuss his progress then. In the meantime, Woo will retain his rank with the sheriff’s office.

Watch Ron and Don talk with Sgt. Wing Woo and Sheriff John Urquhart.

Original story:

King County Sergeant Wing Woo is fighting to save his job, one year after nearly losing his life.

Last July, he was partially paralyzed during a family trip to Hawaii. Woo was hit by a rouge wave and nearly drowned. Supporters of the Ron and Don Show raised over $100,000 to bring him home and get him the medical treatment he needed.

It’s been a long and costly recovery, leaving him in a wheelchair.

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Every day brings slight improvement, and he’d like to return to light duty at the King County Sheriff’s Office. But a King County Sheriff’s HR representative recommends Woo be forced into medical retirement.

His last hope lies with Sheriff John Urquhart, who will ultimately decide Woo’s standing at the office.

Urquhart and Woo joined Ron and Don live in studio Thursday afternoon to discuss the complexities of his situation and whether or not he can return to work.

Ron and Don believe he still has a lot to give — suggesting he become a disability advocate for the sheriff’s office or work with kids as a positive role model in the community.

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