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How to stock your spice rack

Once a year, usually the weekend of the Super Bowl (just because it helps him remember) Tom Douglas visits his favorite spice specialty store and stocks up.

Keeping spices fresh is important, and the hosts of KIRO Radio’s Seattle Kitchen show all have their favorites.

For Thierry Rautureau, keeping coriander, black pepper corn and sea salt around are musts. So is smoked paprika. “I like it because it has a touch of something and it gives it a little depth.”

Thierry also likes to keep ginger powder on hand, but Tom disagrees.

“I love fresh ginger. They’re completely different tastes,” argued Tom.

The two do agree that some herbs are best when they come straight from the garden.

In Theirry’s backyard, you can find rosemary, thyme and a basic bay leaf.

Tom makes an effort to keep Greek oregano in his kitchen. “It is so delicious, I love the floral nature of it.” He also keeps star anise on hand to keep his Asian cooking aromatic.

Katie O, on the other hand, said that cumin is the must-have for her kitchen. She uses it in both Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes.

Katie O also likes to keep togarashi in her kitchen. The combination of sesame, seaweed, lemon peel and chili powder adds depth to Japanese cuisine.

The show did agree on two spices they don’t keep around: garlic and onion powders. The exception, said Tom, is when you’re using them in a nice BBQ rub.

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