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A Super Bowl snack that marries three cities

Tom Douglas says the best Super Bowl snack represents three cities. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

The ultimate Super Bowl snack should reflect three things: the place where the Super Bowl is being played, and the two cities from which the competing teams hail.

Seattle Kitchen host and chef Tom Douglas wanted to start with crab cakes, in honor of the Baltimore Ravens.

“Every restaurant along the Chesapeake thinks they make the best crab cakes,” said Tom. But to give them a New Orleans twist, Tom plans on adding some creole.

Here’s what you do:
Take 1 pound crab
(Chesapeake crab is now endangered, according to Tom – so don’t feel like you’re unfaithful if you’re using Dungeness.)
Mix in 3-4 tablespoons of creole mustard
Mix in some Tabasco
Mix in one raw egg

“Whip that together,” said Tom.

Then, squeeze in some lemon juice, some chopped chive and parsley, and fold it into the crab cake mix. According to Tom, you don’t want to keep mixing and mixing, you want to fold, so you don’t beat the crab pieces into submission.

Serve it with some cocktail or tarter sauce, and maybe a little extra Tabasco and lemon. Tom prefers chipotle Tobasco for an extra smokey flavor.

Wait, the crab is Baltimore and the creole New Orleans, what about San Francisco?

Seattle Kitchen’s Katie O has the solution. Since the 49ers are named for the gold prospectors of 1849, just serve up shots of Goldschlager for your of-age Super Bowl party guests.

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