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How to take scrambled eggs from ordinary to extraordinary

Take a listen to Seattle Kitchen to hear Tom and Thierry's tips for taking scrambled eggs from ordinary to extraordinary. (AP Photo/file)

Seattle Kitchen hosts Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau are pros, but not every cook has all the spices and hard to pronounce ingredients they have access to.

Using only two ingredients, the Ordinary to Extraordinary challenge asks Tom and Thierry to transform an ordinary dish into something extraordinary that we all can manage. This week, Seattle Kitchen contributor Katie O asked Tom and Thierry to give scrambled eggs an extraordinary turn.

Thierry went first. He says he’d add caramelized onions and collard greens to his scrambled eggs.

“I’m going to caramelize some onions and I’m going to braise some collard greens.”

Thierry says he’d serve the collard greens on the side, but the the caramelized onions would go into the scrambled eggs.

Tom agrees Thierry’s dish sounds pretty darn good.

“I would take his, what he just did, and add some Tabasco sauce and I’m fine with that,” says Tom.

But the rules of competition say only two ingredients can be used. Tom’s piggy-back recipe uses three in addition to the scrambled eggs, so he had to submit a different idea. Even his second was met with controversy.

“I would turn it into an omelette and do a goat cheese and chive omelette,” says Tom.

“You can’t change scrambled eggs into an omelette Mr. Douglas,” Thierry objects.

“Yes you can. An omelette is essentially scrambled eggs you’re just stirring,” says Tom. “It’s just shaped scrambled eggs. That’s all it is. It’s the same exact thing but you let them set into a pan and you simply fold over the egg onto the ingredients.”

Tom says the goal of the challenge is to turn ordinary to extraordinary, and he thinks a move from scrambled eggs to omelette would achieve that.

“Turn it into an omelette and it’s even better.”

Thierry is unsure of whether changing the style of egg dish is really fair.

“Scrambled eggs are not foldable,” Thierry says. “That’s not scrambled egg.”

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