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Ingredient of the week: Mushrooms

On this week's Seattle Kitchen Show, the staff talks mushrooms with Whole Foods' Local Forager Denise Breyley. (AP Photo/file)

This week’s ingredient of the week is Mushrooms. The Seattle Kitchen staff was lucky enough to get a visit from Whole Foods’ Local Forager to talk about all the varieties you can find in the store.

Denise Breyley says this time of year, heading into Thanksgiving, is one of the best to find mushrooms at the market.

“We do what I think is one of the most impressive mushroom displays around for Thanksgiving. So if you love mushrooms, Whole Foods is a great place to go.”

Right now, she says they have fresh Chanterelle and Lobster mushrooms in addition to regular cultivated mushrooms they carry, like Shiitake, Oysters, Cremini, and Portobello.

Whole Foods Markets, with local locations in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Lynnwood, is a sponsor of KIRO Radio’s Seattle Kitchen Show.

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