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Ingredient of the week: Fall salads

The fall harvest makes for great ingredients for fall salads. (AP Photo/file)

On this week’s show Seattle Kitchen host Thierry Rautureau, Katie O and guest host Rachel Belle chat about delicious fall salad ideas.

Many people think of fall as the perfect time for hearty salads rather than light fruity summer salads or winter comfort food.

“Fall, I think, is like the ease-in,” says Rachel, “You’re not eating so light, but you’re not eating so heavy.”

Rachel’s favorite salad of the moment is the beet caprese salad at 9 Million in Unmarked Bills in Fremont. The salad layers of roasted red and golden beets, fresh basil, and a balsamic reduction.

The Seattle Kitchen Show staff advise adventurous cooks to try using exotic cheeses and grains like Gorgonzola, farrow, quinoa, and couscous or try smoked chanterelle mushrooms to spice up your greens.

Mixing hearty grains and proteins like lobster, crab, and beef can make ordinary summer greens into a hearty fall salad that’s more like an entree than an appetizer.

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