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How to be a tailgater worth bragging about

Chris Sullivan is an avid college football fan. While he knows how to enjoy the beer at a tailgate, he's looking for help from Tom and Thierry to help make his tailgate food the envy of all the other "dudes."(97.3 KIRO FM Photo/Chris Sullivan)

Chris Sullivan is a reporter on KIRO Radio, but he is also an avid college football fan and a connoisseur of the tailgate party.

When it comes to the pre-football get together, Sullivan has noticed that the Pac12 doesn’t really have it together.

Huskies that were in Baton Rouge for Washington versus Louisiana State would have noticed the welcoming arms of fancier tailgate chefs.

“Those people know how to do it,” says Sullivan. Preparing jambalaya, or crating around their own smokers for BBQ, while others even cook pork on a spit: It’s a totally different cuisine and state of mind.

In Washington, we’re just not up to par.

Tom Douglas notices the usual: Hotdogs, burgers and some pasta salad. Once in a while he’ll notice a fish fry or a salmon bake. Those are few and far between. Even worse, according to Chris Sullivan, those are often catered.

The group agreed catering a tailgating party is cheating.

We may not have tailgating bragging rights yet, but Tom has some suggestions to make your pregame tradition the envy of all your parking lot neighbors.

Instead of throwing on some last minute burgers and hotdogs, Tom suggests you take advantage of the time. At 1 p.m. game, you may arrive at 10 a.m. It takes approximately four hours to smoke a turkey. Marinate it in your favorite barbeque sauce. When that “last minute” comes around, throw some steak frites on too.

The Chef in the Hat Thierry Rautureau may be a little less versed in the autumn tradition of the tailgate get-together. He recommended preparing a tomato, fennel and farrow salad, and was immediately shut down by Tom and Katie O for his high-brow suggestion.

Thierry did have one suggestion that the group that was a good idea, prepare greens or a veggie the day before, and bringing it with. It will be one less dish you have to worry about cooking while you’re chugging your favorite beer.

“When the dudes come by,” Tom says, “you can brag.”

Listen to the full conversation on the Seattle Kitchen Show:

Find more Seattle Kitchen here and listen to a special edition of Thierry Rautureau and Tom Douglas at 8 p.m. on Saturday on 97.3 KIRO FM.

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