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Ingredient of the Week: Grapefruit

Spice up your grapefruit with a salad from Tom Douglas.(AP Photo/File)

Most people eat grapefruit the same way: section it, and spoon out the little wedges of juicy, tart fruit, or drink the juice. But if you want a way to spice up this beautiful fruit, look no further than chef Tom Douglas’ avocado-chorizo-grapefruit salad.

He recommends taking Spanish chorizo and “cutting it up into little pieces,” and render the fat out so “it gets nice and crispy,” he says. Then take a small head of bib lettuce and mix the inner leaves with chunks of fresh avocado. Then, mix some black olive vinaigrette, and keep it on the side. Take a serrated or very sharp paring knife and scoop out the grapefruit meat – it helps if you peel the grapefruit first.

Toss the salad with the vinaigrette and garnish, “like you would with bacon,” he says, with the chorizo.

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