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Ingredient of the Week: Clementines

Tropical fruits are in season, and clementines are a great way to bring color and vitamin C into your diet. (Associated Press File Photo)

“It’s time for clementines,” says chef Tom Douglas, “and it’s the start of the tropical fruit season. I always put a big bowl of clementines in my kitchen and eat away at them.”

If you want to use clementines while they’re in season, chef Taylor Hoang from Pho Cyclo Cafe recommends adding them to warm spiced wine. “Once you mix it with a little apple cider, it’s not as strong, so most of my friends love it,” she says.

Tom suggests making them into a pastry with flaky dough and melting some apricot jam over the top.

When looking for clementines, Tom says you should look for a fruit that’s heavy and moist. “When the oils start leaving the skin, they’ve been around too long,” he says.

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