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Ingredient of the Week: Summer Squash

Summer squash is just coming into season and Tom Douglas recommends a recipe to bring it "out of the doldrums." (AP Photo/File)

“Summer squash: it’s one of the more versatile vegetables of the summer,” says chef Tom Douglas. “The whole Pacific Northwest is coming into summer squash season.”

So where can you get these delectable gourds? Tom recommends checking out farmers’ markets or Whole Foods.

Even though Tom doesn’t particularly enjoy the iconic, yellow crook-necked squash, he recommends grilling it to “bring it out of the doldrums.”

“I’m just going to use the meat and seed it as I would seed a cucumber,” he says. He then says you should wedge it into assorted sizes, and throw them on the grill on “medium to low heat. I’m going to try to grill it and dry it out.” He adds that when you char the edges, you can caramelize the sugars, leaving you with crispy deliciousness on the outside.

After you’ve achieved the ideal cooked yet dry combination, Tom recommends slicing the squash and using it to top grilled, crusty bread.

The bread, he mentions, should be cooked afterward because it requires a higher flame and heat. He adds that you shouldn’t oil the bread, and instead use a mixture of rosemary and butter – also known as lardo.

The bread should be topped with squash and should be plated, he says, with a smear of arugula pesto.

Whole Foods Markets are a proud sponsor of Seattle Kitchen’s Ingredient of the Week.

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