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Ingredient of the Week: Satays

Chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau offer some quick tips on how to make delicious satays, or, as Tom puts it, "food on a stick." (AP File Photo)

Summer means street food, and chef Tom Douglas loves to make satays, a food truck staple. He and the Chef in the Hat, Thierry Rautureau, offer some quick tips on how to make satays delicious.

First, a definition: “To me,” Tom says, “it’s just meat on a stick, or a vegetable on a stick, it’s just something on a skewer. And every culture has meat on a stick.”

He recommends, taking a cue from Thierry’s father, using lamb and cubing it into small cubes.

“You’re cooking lamb – not lamb tenderloin – so you’ll need to cook it all the way, to medium-rare,” Thierry says. “The bigger the cube, the harder it is go get to that stage. And, the bigger the cube, the more chance you have to less cooking on one side or on the inside, so you wind up with a raw piece of meat that you wind up chewing it for a while.”

He also recommends marinating the meat ahead of time to help it cook faster.

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