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Evergreen State should go full activist

Evergreen State College. (AP)

What a wild semester. “Literal anarchy” as described by Professor Bret Weinstein. Evergreen State College certainly reinforced its reputation as an activist school. Now, it should go a step further.

It should willingly embrace it.

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It should become the most progressive haven in the country. Outdo UC-Berkeley and let the students essentially run the campus. Have a cause? Come to Evergreen. All forms of protest welcome with zero repercussions. Too much time spent fighting the good fight to finish your research paper? Take all the time you need.

I’m not kidding. That’s a brand. That’s a brand that has value. Instead of trying to restore order, encourage disorder. This would be incredibly appealing to a certain type of prospective student. President George Bridges should refuse to punish any of the students who literally kidnapped some of the faculty. He should give in to any and all student demands.

Here’s a slogan: “Evergreen State College: This is YOUR school.”

They will find undoubtedly professors who want to teach at a school like that. Many already do.

Get rid of Weinstein and go full activist. This should be Evergreen’s path going forward.

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