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Ciscoe’s Tips of the Week: Make sure your pears are ripened

Ciscoe’s Tips of the Week:

Continue mowing your lawn whenever the grass is 1/3 taller than the height you normally mow to. Leave the clippings as they never add to the thatch problem and provide nutrition.

Taste apples as they size up and pick them as soon as they taste good. Wait to pick until the pears have reached their normal size, but are still green in color. Test frequently to see if they’re ready for harvest by cupping your hand under a fruit and gently lifting. If the stem separates from the tree without tugging, it’s time to harvest.

All pears must be ripened off the tree. Varieties that are ready for harvest by mid-September such as Bartlett, Orcas, Rescue etc. don’t need cold storage, and need only to be put on the counter for a few days to be ready to eat. European pears that ripen in late September and October, such as Bosc, Comice and Highland, must be stored for at least three weeks in temperatures below 40 degrees before being brought out to ripen on the counter.

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