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Ciscoe’s Tips of the Week: Fertilize roses one last time

Ciscoe’s Tips of the Week:

Take a series of pictures of your garden now while it is in full-splendor. Next spring you can use those pictures to pinpoint the location of everything waiting to come up in your garden. Do it every year at this time, and it won’t only keep you from destroying any of your hidden gems, you’ll end up with a great history of the evolution of your garden designs as well.

There’s often a shortage of fresh vegetables and fruit to offer at food banks, hence any excess produce from home gardeners is greatly appreciated. To find out where to take it, visit:

Fertilize roses one last time with a mix of alfalfa meal and organic rose food. Admittedly this is a bit risky because it will encourage the rose to grow rather than hardening off for winter, but it will also encourage great flower display in fall. Yes it could kill your rose if an early freeze hits, but think how much fun it will be to go choose a new rose to replace it!

Ciscoe’s Tips of the Month for August

Weed beds, and add a layer of fresh organic mulch to reduce weed regrowth and the need to water.

Prune fruit trees by controlling height, removing sprouts growing out of the top, and crowding the middle.

Pull finished crops. Work in bone meal and organic vegetable food. Plant spinach, leaf lettuce, radishes, and spinach.

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