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Plant of the Week: Caryopteris Hint of Gold

“Take some sizzling gold foliage, toss in fragrant leaves, and add in spires of dark violet flowers that butterflies can’t resist and you’ve got Caryopteris ‘Hint of Gold.’ Reaching only about 3-feet tall, this compact shrub is the perfect addition to any hot sunny location. ‘Hint of Gold’ blooms on new growth so whack the tweetle out of it by cutting it back practically to the ground in spring, and it will reward you with fresh new growth and a magnificent flower display in mid-to-late summer.” – Ciscoe Morris

Key feature: Attracts butterflies

Plant type: Shrub

Light needs: Full sun

Growth rate: Moderate

Water needs: Medium

Average landscape size: 2-3 ft. high, 2-3 ft. wide

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