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Report: Person heard ‘suspicious noises’ before capitol campus lockdown

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The lockdown and police response on Wednesday morning at the state’s capitol campus in Olympia may have all began with reports of “suspicious noises.”

According to the Washington State Patrol, a person who heard noises informed a state employee. That employee then called 911.

The result was a large police response from multiple agencies and all buildings being locked down.

“Law enforcement activity” was reported on the East Capitol Campus

DSHS employees “thought they heard gunshots,” King 5 reported.

Joseph O’Sullivan from The Seattle Times tweeted that there were officers with long guns stationed near the Department of Licensing building.

In the end, however, the Washington State Patrol did “not find any indication of gunfire, gunman, or shooting victim.

A bomb square was cancelled.

Troopers planned to remain on campus through the day as a precaution.

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