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Plant of the Week: Cosmos Choca Mocha

“Warning: you’ll gain weight if you plant Cosmos Choca Mocha in your garden. That’s because the masses of spectacular, dark-red flowers produce non-stop all summer long, and smell just like dark chocolate. No one could smell the flowers without running into the house to feast on a bar of dark chocolate. Cosmos Choca Mocha rarely survive the winters in our climate, but they can be lifted and stored like Dahlias. If you’re willing to risk gaining a pound or two, you could even bring it in to try to keep it actively growing as a winter houseplant before planting it outdoors the following spring.” – Ciscoe Morris

Key feature: Fragrance

Plant type: Annual

Light needs: Full to part sun

Growth rate: Moderate

Water needs: Average watering

Average landscape size: 10-12 in. height and spread

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