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Plant of the Week: Sambucus Sutherland Gold

“I love this beautiful elderberry because in springtime, the finely dissected foliage emerges in a gorgeous gold, giving this shrub that can reach over six feet tall and wide the look of a giant golden fern. As summer progresses, the foliage turns bright green, and a tract of white flowers appear, followed by glossy black fruit that birds adore. This beauty does best in well-drained soil, and planted in areas that receive a healthy dose of morning sun. You can grow Sutherland Gold even if you live on top of a mountain; it’s hardy to -30 degrees.” – Ciscoe Morris

Key feature: Attracts birds and butterflies; showy foliage

Plant type: Shrub

Light needs: Full sun to Partial Shade

Growth rate: Moderate

Water needs: Medium Moisture

Average landscape size: 6-10 ft. height and spread

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