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Ciscoe’s Tips of the Week: Divide perennials, ammend soil

Ciscoe’s Tips of the Week:

Great time to divide fall blooming perennials and replant with organic fertilizer for season long healthy growth. Cut sections off the side, and throw out the worn-out middle.

Renew the soil in your vegetable garden by forking four inches of organic compost into the soil 12 inches deep. If you didn’t work in agricultural lime in fall, spread one pound of lime per 10 square feet on the compost and work it in at the same time.

Plant onion sets and side-dress onions and garlic with high nitrogen organic fertilizer such as fish meal or blood meal every two weeks to promote fast growth and bigger bulbs. Stop fertilizing after the Solstice occurs.

Ciscoe’s Tips for the month of March:

Prune roses and work in a mix of alfalfa meal and natural all-purpose fertilizer.

Apply alfalfa meal and organic fertilizer to get perennials off to a galloping start.

Rent a dethatching machine to remove moss from lawn before applying a moss control.

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